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Home chef & catering by Harvest


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“Home chef & catering by Harvest” is run by the successful team behind Harvest Kitchen & Bar located in the area around the Vilamoura Marina, offering a personal chef in Vilamoura, in the comfort of your own home. “Home chef & catering by Harvest” focuses on delivering culturally diverse exceptional food and dining experiences with primary influences from Scandinavian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritages but also themed events from around the globe.

Sustainable business practice is a cornerstone focus as is the desire to offer heathy and inspiring vegetarian and vegan menu items sourced locally from Algarve & Portugal as much as possible. As a caterer, “Home chef & catering by Harvest” has a highly diverse work force with owners and employees having seven different nationalities to which additional cultural family heritages are added. “Home chef & catering by Harvest” also takes pride in being a woke organisation dedicated to the providing equal opportunity of all individuals, irrespective of cultural background, faith and gender identity.

“Home chef & catering by Harvest” key benefit lies in that we can cater both for private chef desires as well as occasions with up to 50-100 guests, depending on time and location/venue. We have experience in delivering the widest range of cuisines/flavours/themes. We can provide you with everything you need from fast food or traditional lawn picnic to an entire roast pork over charcoal as well as table served gourmet fine dining.

Bespoke menus to client specifications

American style BBQ

Portuguese assado

Middle Eastern mezze

Thai selection

Indian selection

Surf ‘n’ turf

Pasta mania