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Harvest Kitchen & Bar

Our Philosophy


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At Harvest we wish to speak softly about what we do and let our food speak for itself and us.

Harvest wants to be the go-to place for locals and visitors alike looking for variety in tastes and a meal experience not found elsewhere in Vilamoura. The place to go when you don’t know what you feel like eating and will end up finding exactly what you were looking for. The place to come back to for a favourite dish or knowing that there will often be something new on the menu you haven’t tried and will enjoy.

Our distinctive tastes will give away their unmistakably Scandinavian and Middle Eastern origins but the experience will be unique to Harvest. While meat, poultry, fish and seafood may be core offerings, you will also always find fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes made with affection on the menu as well.

We take pride in sourcing ingredients from our own garden and buying directly from local producers, farms and fishermen whenever possible and we seek to integrate a sustainable approach in what we do and offer.

Our lunch philosophy is to offer daily lunch special set menus with healthy vegetarian and vegan alternatives but also walk-by options for those more in a hurry.

Our dinner philosophy originates from the tapas concept where we offer all plates for sharing, allowing you to experience a wide range of tastes without having to commit fully on an individual one and to continue to order until content. Of course, we also suggest the pairing of Portuguese wines to complete the meal.

Anthonio Maimon

Founder & head chef

Directly from local producers

delicious food

Scandinavian and Middle Eastern origins

vegetarian and vegan dishes

Fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes made with affection

fresh ingredients

With ingredients from local producers, farms and fishermen